Sterling Hotel Wedding Story | Vincent and Angelie

Is it some mythical idea of the perfect person we like to say we have in elementary or high school? Is it some prize we’ve won? Is it the best thing someone could ever have? The answer to all of these questions is actually yes. But there’s a lot more to this story.

The wedding of Vincent and Angelie has proved a new definition of friendship with the most wonderful thing in world: love !

We frequently ask what’s like to marry your bff , it must be nice. I cannot agree no more. After all of adventures, escapades, and shenanigans — they endured. No matter how many miles came between them, their hearts were always connected. We came to this beautiful Sterling hotel in the heart of midtown-Sacramento for their preparation in the morning.

When I got to talk with Vincent and Angelie, I knew immediately there was a huge passion that they spent for each other. And yes, wedding is not always about laugh and funs but also a silent moment in happiness when Vincent first read the letter from Angelie. It soon burst into tears when he saw her walking down the aisle.

By the time of newlywed photo, they were super easy to work with. I also never see any bride that is so natural and comfortable as Angelie when she was by her husband. More than we know, all her gesture and smiles and happiness are the most beautiful thing than when she is with Vincent.

Beyond grateful to everyone who’s made this happen. I and my team deeply appreciate your love spent for each other and your trust in our profession. Again, thank you for asking us to be the photographer to witness your biggest event of you two. Your happiness is our passion .


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