Love concurs all
Like many couples, Nick and Alexa started out 2020 full of hope and joy as they plan their dream wedding.  Along came the pandemic altering every path of life.  As each day the pandemic extends its spread, along with it goes the dream wedding.  However, Alexa, Nick and their family did not allow the pandemic to defeat their spirits
Alexa and Nick originally planned to hold their wedding at the local venue called The Barn.  Since they no longer do so, their families brought “The Barn” to them.  Being avid woodworkers, Alexa’s grandpa and father partnered together to transform their backyard into a beautiful and intimate wedding venue. With just one month before the wedding, they gathered materials from local places some of which includes 100 years old wood beams. 

Together the two constructed a small barn in their backyard made with only repurposed materials and weathered wood to keep the charming characteristics of a rustic barn.  
Everyone in the family pitched in to help with every aspect of the wedding.  It was a beautiful sight to see everyone from the different generations pulling together working in harmony towards a day of unity. Maybe it was the love that they had for Alexa and Nick that brought them all together.  Perhaps it’s also the nostalgia of being in the house where they all grew up. Not one, two, but all 4 generations.  Where every corner of the house is filled with memories and every part of the kitchen touched by laughter.

The house now contains yet another beautiful story, Alexa and Nicks wedding.
Amidst all the hectic of the preparation, Alexa and Nick did not forget to find time for each other.  While everyone is still in preparation mode, they chose to exchange their vows in private.  Even though Alexa and Nick were not able to have their wedding at their original venue, The owner was kind enough to allow them to have some private time and they were able to have some sunset photos.

2020 is an eventful year for the world and for Alexa and Nick as well.  Nick finished his degree and graduated.  Alexa and Nick are now married.  They had purchased their own home.  They have chosen forgo their honeymoon to invest in building their new house where they will build a family of their own and continue the family stories for many generations to come.

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