Love concurs all
Like many couples, Nick and Alexa started out 2020 full of hope and joy as they plan their dream wedding.  Along came the pandemic altering every path of life.  As each day the pandemic extends its spread, along with it goes the dream wedding.  However, Alexa, Nick and their family did not allow the pandemic to defeat their spirits
Alexa and Nick originally planned to hold their wedding at the local venue called The Barn.  Since they no longer do so, their families brought “The Barn” to them.  Being avid woodworkers, Alexa’s grandpa and father partnered together to transform their backyard into a beautiful and intimate wedding venue. With just one month before the wedding, they gathered materials from local places some of which includes 100 years old wood beams. 

Together the two constructed a small barn in their backyard made with only repurposed materials and weathered wood to keep the charming characteristics of a rustic barn.  
Everyone in the family pitched in to help with every aspect of the wedding.  It was a beautiful sight to see everyone from the different generations pulling together working in harmony towards a day of unity. Maybe it was the love that they had for Alexa and Nick that brought them all together.  Perhaps it’s also the nostalgia of being in the house where they all grew up. Not one, two, but all 4 generations.  Where every corner of the house is filled with memories and every part of the kitchen touched by laughter.

The house now contains yet another beautiful story, Alexa and Nicks wedding.
Amidst all the hectic of the preparation, Alexa and Nick did not forget to find time for each other.  While everyone is still in preparation mode, they chose to exchange their vows in private.  Even though Alexa and Nick were not able to have their wedding at their original venue, The owner was kind enough to allow them to have some private time and they were able to have some sunset photos.

2020 is an eventful year for the world and for Alexa and Nick as well.  Nick finished his degree and graduated.  Alexa and Nick are now married.  They had purchased their own home.  They have chosen forgo their honeymoon to invest in building their new house where they will build a family of their own and continue the family stories for many generations to come.

Nick and Maria 3 years anniversary session

After 3 years, I met one of my favorite couples again Nick and Maria, they still had the energy from the very beginning when I took the engagement session for them in Lake Tahoe, still play around, making the joke and love each other day by day.

Our evening started off a bit rushed due to some travel delays, but I was so stoked to see that they could make it up for sunset!!

We started the session from the most famous Cypress Tree Tunnel in the world, Point Reyes, and end with Drake Beach where they can walk by the shoreline in the golden hour. I loved to watch Nick and Maria laugh with waves and sunset behind them. It was so romantic and so California. What a great way to celebrate 3 years of life, love, and happiness.

Your love, our passion!





Feeling humble to got one award from Fearless award collection 55, I took this photo during Tim Ng, and Penny’s pre wedding at Sanfrancisco CA City Hall.

Thanks Fearless Photographers and Huy NguyenThanks to all the judges Craig Fritz, Abhimanyu Sharma, Prasheila Lookhar
, Alison, Bounce Barbara, Fabbri, Nei Bernardes. Thank you to my mentors Lanny Mann and Erika Jensen-Mann , Julian Abram Wainwright for all your education. Congratulation to all winners.

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Valeriemay and Matthew || Historic Mission Santa Clara.

We may forget about the Super Bowl between 49ers and Chief. We may forget how crazy it was about the cirque in the night performance. However, we knew it for sure we never forgot our lovely couple , Valeriemay and Matthew
Getting ready in the iconic landmark Fairmont hotel in San Jose,which is known around the world for their unique architecture, impressive decor, magnificent features.

This luxurious hotel boasts every attention to detail of any couple’s dreams. Soon after the preparation, waiting outside of the hotel entrance, an iconic touch of elegance luxury Rolls-Royce limousines . The couple arrived to Santa Clara church university in the greatest welcome from family and friend.

Their wedding day was truly breathtaking. The church itself was also known as the Historic Mission Santa Clara. Their combined devotion to the Christian faith and love for God makes them a match made in heaven! For this beautiful bride and groom, Vintage Church was a perfect oasis of charm in the heart of San Jose.

The couple chose the magnificent Palm Event center as their venue for the reception. I cannot say how many times I fall in love with this venue. The iconic palm trees extending the entrance highlight the couple even more in the sun of February. Though people usually look serious or elegance in the wedding, this wedding is a perfect combination of both. Guests and family both celebrated the Super Bowl and the wedding in the same time, making the wedding even more memorable.

The reception was filled with lots of activities and performance from the cirque. However, it was also fulfilled with silent moment and drowning in the emotion through stories in the speeches and the dance. Today, we honor the love of Valeriemay and Matthew. Through your wedding, you gave us a new vision of love and stories of your journey. We would like to thank you again for choosing us to be your wedding photographer. Your happiness is our passion.

Venue: Ceremony: Mission Santa Clara
Reception: The Palm Event Center
Venue Coordinator: Beets Hospitality Group
Wedding Planner and Day of Coordinator: Abbie Isidro Event planning,
Design & Coordination: NC Event Design¿Photographer: Passion Studios and Marlon Moments
HMUA: Hazel Skye
Hair: Xi’s Beauty Bar
Visual Performance Art: Sac Cirque
Florist: NC Event Design
Videographer: Passion Studios
Rentals: NC Event, Joe Squared Productions, Fantasy Sound and Events
Drapery: NC Event
Lighting: Fantasy Sound Event Services
Officiant: Father Ken
Sales DJ/Photobooth: Lucky Devils Band ¿
Bakery: Cake Delight
Late Night Bites: I-Tea

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Happy Earth Day || JJ and Jenn Engagement session .



Thanks to the judges for a single image award ! The standard of the work in TiR contests is so high and that makes it such an honor to win.

Huge congratulations to all the other winners, this is a truly cracking selection of images!

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Jennifer and Penang | Engagement session at Downtown Los Angeles

After hours of traffic, we eventually arrived in Downtown Los Angeles. We are lucky enough since the police blocked the main street for High school field trip. Because of that, the background was really empty during the session.

We started at the Disney Concert Hall, then went to the Broad, stopped by Union Station then ended up at Santa Monica Pier. I was very glad Jennifer and Penang didnt reschedule that day due to rainy weather. Just a little rain in the morning did not stop us from having a great photoshoot time that day!


Horseshoe Bend, AZ | David and Van Postwedding.

David and Van got married back in January 2019 after their one year anniversary they decided to remake a bridal shoot at somewhere on their traveling bucket list. Then They picked Horseshoe Bend as their most favorite place to visit. Traveling from Texas to Arizona they were so excited to explore the place.
Thanks God the weather was so perfect, it was sunny and not too windy. We hiked up to the top and waited for sunset. To be honest I can’t think of a more perfect day than this one when we made our way to the top of the canyon capturing sunset and the view seriously took my breath away.
They danced, laughed and had fun next to the sunset. I’m thankful for having a chance capturing these moments at the unbelievably beautiful backdrop.


Sterling Hotel Wedding Story | Vincent and Angelie

Is it some mythical idea of the perfect person we like to say we have in elementary or high school? Is it some prize we’ve won? Is it the best thing someone could ever have? The answer to all of these questions is actually yes. But there’s a lot more to this story.

The wedding of Vincent and Angelie has proved a new definition of friendship with the most wonderful thing in world: love !

We frequently ask what’s like to marry your bff , it must be nice. I cannot agree no more. After all of adventures, escapades, and shenanigans — they endured. No matter how many miles came between them, their hearts were always connected. We came to this beautiful Sterling hotel in the heart of midtown-Sacramento for their preparation in the morning.

When I got to talk with Vincent and Angelie, I knew immediately there was a huge passion that they spent for each other. And yes, wedding is not always about laugh and funs but also a silent moment in happiness when Vincent first read the letter from Angelie. It soon burst into tears when he saw her walking down the aisle.

By the time of newlywed photo, they were super easy to work with. I also never see any bride that is so natural and comfortable as Angelie when she was by her husband. More than we know, all her gesture and smiles and happiness are the most beautiful thing than when she is with Vincent.

Beyond grateful to everyone who’s made this happen. I and my team deeply appreciate your love spent for each other and your trust in our profession. Again, thank you for asking us to be the photographer to witness your biggest event of you two. Your happiness is our passion .