Maggie and PJ || Jackson WEDDING

2018 is one of the most excited year for us since we have been able to capture countless precious moment of many couples in many magnificent places, and the wedding of Maggie and PJ is so remarkable due to its simplicity yet elegant.The entire wedding took place at Maggie’s grandmother house, a gigantic property surrounds by a huge old forest. The first sight at a giant green forest had caught our attention when we first arrived at the property. Next to that is a large green lake in front of the house’s entrance, which is also where the wedding ceremony will happen. The fresh aroma of nature and the beautiful blue sky had contributed significantly toward the atmosphere of the wedding that day. Early in the morning before the wedding, Maggie was still very calm and enjoyed herself at the swimming pool. She showed no sign of nervous like people usually have when they are about to become the brides. Follow up into the house, everyone welcomed us kindly and showed us around the place The entire place was nature-inspired, from the tiniest details inside the house to the decoration of where the ceremony and the wedding took place. Each corner of the house has its own story, the birdhouses, the woodwork on the way to the house… PJ’s mother had handmade each single decoration detail for the son wedding, from the beautiful white bouquets to the boutonnière made from bullet shells. This is the greatest gift on earth that a child could not expect more from his mother. Love could only really be shown through dedication and hard work. I felt a shift in the atmosphere right before and after the ceremony. Just a few minutes before the ceremony, I witnessed tears fell down the PJ’s cheek after his mother wished him the best and gave him life advice before he becomes the groom. During the ceremony, the gentle and mellow sound of the harp, the whistling of the wind against the lake, the vow of PJ and Maggie promised to become one, all together made joy bursted into tears. Seeing this moment, no word that I possibly know could have described this moment, love filled the air. The entire wedding had showed us a strong sense of a traditional American wedding, when everyone enjoyed and became apart of the wedding, simplicity made a perfect wedding.



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