Carson asked and Joan said “YES”


Casey + Danny | Boba Guys, San Francisco.

The story of Danny and Casey defines the characteristics of a Hollywood love movie : romantic, passionate and memorable. It’s even more special that Danny and Casey have connected their love to us through milk tea and boba. On one of the most famous street in the dreamy San Francisco, the lovers’ lane at the presidio, Danny and Casey have drawn out an extraordinary fairy tale with their love.

Danny showed up in a dark and modern navy suit while Casey had herself in an elegant white floral dress. Under the earthy look of the lovers’ lane , the way they looked at each other reflected the extreme joys and happiness



Thu + Duy || Engagement session, Lover Lane, SF.

Duy and Thu are getting married on Sacramento next year so it was great to meet up with them before their wedding day for their lover lane + Sea Session! The afternoon was cloudy which made for beautiful, soft tones and moody skies – this is why we always tell clients a cloudy day isn’t a bad thing! follow up we moved to Sutrobath because they love the ocean breath, we came perfect on golden hour and it fit perfectly with their outfit that day too, and we can’t wait for your wedding next year!


Lisa + Andrew || Engagement session, Napa Valley.

How stunning is this couple?! If they did this good at their engagement session,  see what are their wedding photos going to look like?…


Krystle + Justin || Engagement session, Sonoma Valley.

We met Krystle and Justin not long after the unfortunate fire in Napa. We first thought that the fire might affect us as the last time we had in Yosemite. Surprisingly, the weather turned out wonderful with lot of clouds and wind. Even though it was a bit cold, the couple warmed us with exceptional love. The way that Justin hold Krystle and looked at her, the smile she gave him melt our hearts in a powerful pleasantness. All of them blended together and thus made the day even more fulfilled. In another analogy, their chemical bond is unbreakable . When I asked why Justin wanted to marry Krystle, he answered with a sharp , crystalline voice : “I loved her because she is just everything of my life. ” To reply his response, Krystle told me “Justin was a special person, and I just fell in love with him. “ From this point, I found that their love is the product of 2 passionate heart with full of commitment and tranquility.



Daniel + Linda || Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz.

Even though Linda knows me through a mutual friend of her, the one who contacted me was Daniel. He sent me a message on Instagram and asked to help him capture his engagement session. I was impress when I know Daniel is also a landscape photographer and also a journalist , he loves traveling, outdoor stuff so that he knows so many beautiful location. At first we planned to shoot at Marin headland and Sausalito but we moved to Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz due to the fire impact in Sonoma. This place has one of the most wonderful views ever with nice historic ranch , amazing cliff along the gorgeous beach . We would love to thank to Daniel for showing us some beautiful destinations which definitely help us a lot in the future .



Dan and An| Engagement session | Yosemite National Park.

Although the forecast predicted cloudy skies with a chance of thunderstorms, An and Dan were eager to experience Yosemite for the first time together. Right off the bat at Tunnel View, An and Dan were happy and playful, making my job very easy. At each location, Yosemite provided a stunning backdrop for our couple, whose emotions of love and affection emerged naturally.

When the idea of shooting at Taft point overlook was given, An was very scared at first, as she is afraid of heights. However, with some help from Dan, we convinced her to stand near the edge for photos. During this whole time, Dan stated words of encouragement and once she locked eyes with his, a sense of comfort took over her, allowing her to conquer her fears.

After our final shots at Taft point, we felt the first few raindrops falling from the sky. Shortly thereafter, the roaring sound of thunder echoed through the overlook and rain hammered down on us like bullets! The 1 mile hike to our car that followed felt like eternity, but provided memories that would only make us laugh years later. As a photographer, I experienced many firsts over the years, and this was the first time we got wet from an engagement session.

Despite the pouring rain, An and Dan cracked jokes during the hike and remained cheerful and positive. Their sense of optimism makes me look forward to capturing their wedding day.



Carlos and Lorena | Engagement session | Glacier point, Yosemite .

It’s no doubt that Yosemite is the paradise for any people who love nature. Even though there was a fire right before the engagement photoshoot , carlos and lorena made it a successful day with their amazing love . The weather was somewhat smokey, but Yosemite remained mysteriously gorgeous. In addition, lorena and carlos have further marked their terrific day with their sweet and passionate moments with our team . The photoshoot was successful with unforgettable memories and emotion.