Glenn and Chrissy || Wedding at Grand Island Mansion

One of the things I am most proud about when it comes to wedding is the passion and the joy of the bride and groom with their families. If you could ever see the tears of happiness from Glenn when he thought about Chrissy and the day he would be her lawful and forever husband, you could feel the spark of his love for her obviously. It’s nothing but love, if it wasn’t love, it could never be this much beautiful and passionate. Departed from the land of vibrant night life -Vegas, Glen and Chrissy made it a successful and special wedding in Grand Island Mansion in California. I was completely blown away when seeing the beauty this couple from every aspects. From now, another exciting chapter of their lives is blessed. It’s an honor that Glen and Chrissy has chose us to be your wedding photographers and videographers. Held on the magnificent mansion, the beautiful wedding made our team such a remarkable memory.

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