Feeling humble to got one award from Fearless award collection 55, I took this photo during Tim Ng, and Penny’s pre wedding at Sanfrancisco CA City Hall.

Thanks Fearless Photographers and Huy NguyenThanks to all the judges Craig Fritz, Abhimanyu Sharma, Prasheila Lookhar
, Alison, Bounce Barbara, Fabbri, Nei Bernardes. Thank you to my mentors Lanny Mann and Erika Jensen-Mann , Julian Abram Wainwright for all your education. Congratulation to all winners.

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1 Master piece Wedding Photojournalism + 8 Diamond award for Engagement session from WPJA

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2 Fearless Award Collection 49

So honor to get my First 2 Fearless Photographers award for the collection 49, only 137 images selected and awarded over 10,000 images submit.
Thank you uncle Huy Nguyen and all Judges for your hard working, Im glad I joined the most talented wedding photographers community in the world.
Thanks my mentors, teachers who taught me everything, explore my vision and for your encourage Lanny Mann and Erika Jensen-Mann, Im feel so lucky to experience their workshop and so sad to know the work shop coming up will be their last one !!
Full Collection 49 is here :