Nolan and Elena – Wedding under Torrential Rain

Many people plan their weddings under bright stars, vibrant rainbows, blue skies, and beautiful sunsets, but have you ever wondered what a wedding would be like under torrential rain?
Of all the details that were covered, one can never predict when Mother Nature will make her appearance. After a spectacular driving excursion of through the western Sierra foothills in El Dorado County, we came upon Apple Hill. It was a beautiful location to hold a wedding. We scoped the facility and it’s surrounding.
All was going as planned and in came the bride, but she didn’t arrive quietly. Immediately behind her came The Rain. The thunderous, torrential, unrelentless rain, leaving pools of water everywhere.
The shock and disappointment was apparent. We quickly had to come up with plan after plan, each of them failing. All the distress was wiped away when Elena touched Nolan from behind and sent and electrifying wave of warmth that was felt throughout the wedding party. Time stood still as the moment was so intimate. Their eyes locked. The couple shared such an intense love for one another that it radiated among the guests.
They exchanged their vows. Looking deeply into each other’s eyes, one could almost feel the sparks. They were falling in love all over again. The emotions they shared touch the hearts of each guest and kept everyone warm throughout the evening.
A casual gathering of family and friends after the wedding brought tears of joy, laughter, and happiness. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, everyone danced into the late hours of the night. With a day so grandeur, Mother Nature was sure to be in attendance. May you both be blessed with eternal love as the raindrops continue to dance in the air. We are honored to capture your wedding day and witness your inspiring love.
Your happiness is our passion.
With us Moments Matter Most

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